How Healthy is the Air in Your Home?

Many  are aware of the dangers of emissions from motor vehicles and factories  outdoors, but did you know the quality of air indoors can be harmful as well?  Organizations such as the American Lung Association and the United States  Environmental Protection Agency have found that poor  indoor air quality can lead to people developing lung complaints, nausea,  fatigue, dry eyes, nasal conditions, breathing irregularities and even  conditions such as cancer. By reducing various pollutants in your home and by  using advanced HVAC technology, you can significantly improve indoor air  quality, creating a clean and healthy environment.

EPA on Air Cleaners

Indoor air pollutants are unwanted, sometimes harmful materials in the air. Usually the best way to address this risk is to control or eliminate the sources of pollutants, and to ventilate a home with clean outdoor air. The ventilation method may, however, be limited by weather conditions or undesirable levels of contaminants contained in outdoor air. If these measures are insufficient, an air cleaning device may be useful.

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Common Indoor Air Pollutants

The most common indoor pollutants are household cleaning  products, mold and mildew, and secondhand smoke. An easy way to minimize this pollution  is by smoking outdoors, using the right house plants and updating your air conditioning and ventilation system. With  an older system, dirty air may  not be properly filtered, and will continue to circulate and spread throughout  your home.  If a new unit is installed by  a certified AC technician, it will help filter out the impurities in the air before  it can enter your respiratory system.

Air Cleaners and UV Lights

Though  modern ventilation systems can reduce the amount of pollutants through  filtration, the most effective approach is the use of an electronic air  cleaner. They help remove the smaller particles that may be missed by a regular  filter such as carbon monoxide, radon, odors, and some allergens such as those  from roaches and pets. Air cleaners can be purchased as a portable unit meant  for a single room, or as an integrated part of your entire air system, for  cleansing your entire home. When used in combination with an ultra-violet  light, used to kill bacteria and viruses, it will result in a safe environment  that will keep your family healthy and energized.

Preventing Air Quality Issues

Whether you are living in your current home or want to build or remodel, make healthy air your goal.  To do that, first, control the sources and second, ventilate.  Here are easy, but important steps for keeping unhealthy air out of your home.
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