Winter Maintenance for Your Heating System

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  Ongoing, seasonal maintenance of your air handler before you get into the heavy use system is crucial to ensuring that home stays comfortable during the colder winter months by avoiding untimely breakdowns. It can also save you money every month on your utility bills, avoid costly emergency repair calls, and protect your long term investment [...]

Boerne Air Conditioning Maintenance

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The Importance of Maintaining Your Air Conditioner Central air conditioning systems are very important in the Texas Hill Country, even more importantly it's great when they're working properly! There are so many things that you will need to do to your unit in order to keep it up and running, especially during extreme temps that [...]

Taking Care of Our Neighbors

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Taking Care of Our Neighbors All too often you hear stories about elderly without family living near them, or any family left at all, to check on their well-being on a regular basis, or to help them in times of financial strain.  That’s when the Adult Protective Services department steps up, if and when [...]